Parkview Estates strives to provide all residents with information which describes  several key areas. Review these documents below at any time and feel free to contact us with any questions you have now or later regarding them.  

  • Rules & Regulations states our intention and purpose in operating Parkview Estates Duplex Rental Home Community as an outstanding residential development in this area.  Property Management strives to render promt, efficient service and will maintain this property in a manner with the type of community you desire.  Your cooperation in observing these rules, will avoid confusion and possible embarrassment.  An expense incurred by the management as a result of a violation of these rules will, insofar as feasible, be assessed against the resident responsible.  Notify Property Management of any needed repairs of equipment or fixtures.
  • Tenant Information Updates provides us with the information of all adult parties connected with each of the rental units. Keeping this information up to date and accurate is key to our ability to respond to your needs in the most expeditious manner.  Please update your contact information, auto descriptions and employment details regularly.
  • Summer and Winter Checklists provides each resident with what needs to be done during the warm and cold seasons to best ensure comfort and safety.  Don't forget, our property management office provides filters for our HVAC units FREE OF CHARGE.


      • Fire:  911
      • Joliet Police:  911
      • Non-Emergency:  815-726-2491
      • Property Management:  815-740-3313
      • Joliet Water Department:  815-724-3820
      • ComEd:  800-334-7661
      • Nicor:  888-642-6748

We appreciate your input and feedback and are pleased to have you living in our residential community.  Let us know any questions you have at any time.  Here's a link to report a non-emergency issue and we will be in contact upon receipt.

PE Rules & Regs 7-16-15.pdf PE Rules & Regs 7-16-15.pdf
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PE Tenant Information Update 7-16-15.pdf PE Tenant Information Update 7-16-15.pdf
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PE Summer Letter 7-16-15.pdf PE Summer Letter 7-16-15.pdf
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PE Winter Letter 7-16-15.pdf PE Winter Letter 7-16-15.pdf
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